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Current status of Alinous Document CMS on 22 Oct 2014

I'm now making and testing Alinous Document CMS and the document. This website is powered by the Content Management System. Currently, this software's version status is alpa.

Testing the CMS with this site

This website is hosted on the Openshift online before, and on the first of September, I moved the server into the Degital Ocean. This site works very fine on the both hosting platform.

And I am writing content with this cms via internet without using Eclipse based debugger which is Alinous-Core IDE, so that I can know the usability of this Content Management System.


I have to do following things.

  1. Write content about Alinous Document CMS SDK
  2. Write tutorial after installation of the CMS
  3. Check the docker and build image of Alinous-Core and Alinous Document CMS
  4. Update CMS source in the github
  5. Write document to install and run the cms on some cloud platform

Development of software is almost completed, but I have to make document to explain how to use.

Docker support

This cms is mainly using openshift online, but I'm going to make Docker image, too. By making Docker image, this cms is available in many cloud platform. Even if the Microsoft supports Linux and Docker on the Azure cloud platform.

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