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The Domain Specific Programming Language for Web-DB application

Alinous-Core is Domain Specific Language for Web based Database Application. It supports almost all function to create web applications.

What the programming language can do

The programming language can do following things.

Write SQL and execute soon

When you write program to execute SQL in normal programming language, you have to use framework so that, create a connection, make a SQL string variable, excecute SQL, parse returned result and close connection.

On using Alinous-Core, you just write the SQL you want to execute.

The SQL sentence makes variable of the return automatically, and you can use it in the Html template.

SQL is based on PostgreSQL

The grammar of the SQL is based on the PostgreSQL. MySQL's SQL is almost same with PostgreSQL's one. The usage of limit and offset is different before. But currently it become same.

How to lerarn it

If you know following things, almost nothing to learn newly.

  • Html
  • SQL
  • Javascript or other scripting language

I recommend you to start with download Eclipse Plugin based IDE.

Who is not good at programming can use it ?

There is Content Management System application for web designer and small business owners who want to build a website by their self.

It is available on various of cloud server.

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