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Run the application hosted in Openshift comfortable

Currently, I can use the openshift very comfortably. It is very useful. But there is one thing to be carefully to use it.

It is memory management. I wrote Java Vm tuning for Openshift last day. It is very important to use it.

This content management sysytem(this website) is using Alinous Document CMS. It uses PostgreSQL cartridge and Alinous Document Cartridge that I made.

The postgreSQL uses about 256MB to run, and currently my cartridge uses 200MB. Last day, my cartridge used 300MB, then it froze and restarted when the usage of memory is over.

But after I tuned the amount of memory my cartridge use, it does no restart automatically, so far.

Now I'm writing a lot of document about my content management system, and testing it by using in the documentation process. I'll release it after some more testing.

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