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Handling Redirection on using smart phone page

Recently, responsive web design is recommended by google. That is because there are a lot of redirection miss on smart phone pages.

The responsive web design is very cool technique, and of cause my CMS supports it.
(There are nothing to do with CMS, just css and hml can be manipulated freely, it is available. ) 

The most problem when you use smart phone page, which is mirror page of desktop's one, is redirection.

Redirection to the smartphone page

On using smartphone page, the CMS redirects to the smartphone page with "vary useragent" header, when smartphone access comes.

That is like below.

  • src:
  • dest:

This rule is simple, and we guess there are few mistake on just using this rule. But when you think about setting custom redirection rules, it become complex.

But by using Content Management System which support smartphone page, it makes easy.

Apply Desktop page's redirection pattern to Smartphone page

Alinous Document CMS applies redirection pattern of Desktop browser pages to smartphone pages simularly.

For exmaple, you set redirect on the desktop page.

  • src:
  • dest:

and then, smartphone page must redirect like below.

  • src:
  • dest:

Smartphone pages are mirror pages of Desktop pages, therefore necessary redirect setting is only desktop's one.

Smartphone page redirection on accessed by Desktop browser

When you think about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the default googlebot is handled same with the desktop browser. Therefore, following redirection rule have to be implemented automatically.

  • src:
  • dest:

This is same with smartphone page's rule.

Desktop page access by Smartphone

The web crawler with Smartphone user agent accesses desktop page's source page. This case is most complex.


When you use this CMS, the redirection is solved by 2 redirections.

By making management of the redirection rule simple, you can reduce redirect errors without using responsive web design.

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