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Create Remote Debugger and Thinking Software Portability

Remote Debugging

Currently, I'm making remote debugger for Paas Oriented Agile NoSQL. Debugging is essential factor for Paas software.

Local Debugging and Remote Debugging

I'm now making debugger to debug applications on localhost. And it uses socket to communicate with the application server and debugger engine.

Socket is useful to communicate with remote server. Therefore, I'm thinking about remote debugging at same time.

Portability of Application Code

Portability is up to the source code's location. Alinous-Core has ALINOUS_HOME, and there are program codes and configuration files in it.

But new version has following root folders.

  • Module Folder
  • Web Document Root Folder

These folder's location is set by the "alinous-config.xml" in the ALINOUS_HOME.

There are program files in both folder. The debugger client have to compute the location of suspended code.

The location information have to have following stuffs.

  • Which root folder the code is there
  • Program file path

When debugging remote host, it  have to compute the program file's location. The location of root folders are different from of remote host.

Therefore the program file path is relative path from the root folder.

Web Debugger

Current Alinous-Core supports API for web debugger. Actually, the Document CMS has online debugger to deal server side program of CMS templates.

Web based debugger

Making remote debugger and web debugger is similar.

The difference is how to manage server engine's debug state. Now I'm considering it.

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