• [Dev Diary]Develop Eclipse Plugin Breakpoint on Debuger
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Develop Eclipse Plugin Breakpoint on Debuger

On developing the debugger of the Eclipse Plugin Project, breakpoint is the first entry point after writing launcher.

Making Debug Breakpoint

Making breakpoint is easy. Just define it on the "plugin.xml".

Eclipse plugin xml editor

Define the ID and markert Type, and The class of the debug breakpoint.

The class implements following actions.

  • Creating breakpoint by using DebugPlugin class
  • Getting model identifier of breakpoint defined in the "plugin.xml"
  • Getting the model of breakpoint (ServerBreakPoint class instance) via adaptor pattern

Contribute Breakpoint to the Editor

The Eclipse Editor has a gutter to toggle breakpoints on the side of it.

side part of eclipse editor

In order to contribute this part to the editor, just write following code on Editor class.

In the createActions() method, it create new action class, which is AlinousScriptToggleBreakpointAction class.

The source code is below.

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