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Making Debugger and How it works

Now started to make Server Side Debugging Framework of the database and programming language. This is job to start on 16th august 2016.

Debugger Engine for Paas Cloud and Eclipse IDE

This application server program is designed for Paas Cloud Development Environment. Therefore it have to communicate with both Eclipse Plugin and Web IDE.

The server side debugger engine uses socket on communication with program editor.

Programming Language

This program is written in Java, after that, convert it into C++ source code with Java to C++ Compiler, that I made.

Server side program

The server side program has 2 versions, they are C++ and Java. Once write debugging engine in Java, by just compiling, C++ version is made automatically.

Client side

User uses debugger from following interface.

  • Eclipse IDE
  • Web Code Editor (CodeMirror based UI)

At first, I'll made Eclipse Plugin.

Current Status

Currently main frame work of Eclipse IDE is done. Therefore I'll make up it, with making server side program of the debugger.

Done works

I've made Launcher of the AlinousDb Engine. It is relevant to the debugger closely.

Launch server on the consoke

And I've made breakpoint setting on the Eclipse Editor.

Task to do now

Now I have to do is following things.

  1. Send breakpoint information to the server side program, and set it
  2. Server side program react to the break point
    1. Show variables
    2. Show stack frame
    3. Calculate the source code
    4. On and Off the breakpoints
  3. Step over, Step in, Step out operation

These are my next mission.

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