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Now developing new Alinous-Core

Now I'm making new Alinous-Core which is named Alinous++. This time, I'm completely rewrite whole source code of the Alinous-Core. I'm going to introduce new features of Alinous++.

Based on Java and C++ language

Currently, Alinous-Core is written in only Java language, but next version is done in both Java and C++.

The native machine code makes execution speed rapid.

Convert Java source code into C++

I'm making the program with Java at first, and convert it into C++ code by Java to C++ converter engine. Therefore next Alinous++ works on both Java and native OS palt form.

The C++ code makes it possible to provide Alinous++ engine to following platform, other than the Tomcat.

  • Apache Http Server
  • NgineX
  • PHP, NodeJS, and other language platforms
  • Local Shell Script

Original Garbage Collection

The C++ code has own garbage collection engine. It works with Java to C++ compiler engine.

The engine has smart mechanism to release thread original variables at fast. And it supports releasing cyclical references.

The engine do not stop other threads on executing GC.

Original Parallel SQL Database

Current version requires external database engine. without that, it do not works.

But next Alinous++ has own database engine inside the language server. It also works as distributed cache engine of the PostgreSQL.

The database supports Parallel SQL execution. The SQL is executed by multiple threads, even if the single table is dealt in a SQL.

Open source

Next Alinous++ will be open source product. Now I'm developing it, and not disclose the code so far.

The release will be last of March 2016. And I'll report the progress status of development on this blog.

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