• Compatibility between versions of Alinous Document CMS
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Compatibility between versions of Alinous Document CMS

Everyday, this CMS is updated, and the source code and database schema increases. This time, I'm going to mention about compatibility between software versions.

Data compatibility

This software has a lot of database scheme, and it is increasing. but we do not delete column of the table. Therefore, whole database backup is available to immigrate data into other server with greater versions.

I recommend to backup data frequently after adding new articles.

How to backup data

Backup data is available from the System console of the Content Management System. This function backups whole database by using csv format files. Those files are archived by zip archive format.

Restore from zip file

The zip file you download from system console has whole data. Therefore you can restore the database status by the single file.

When the version of CMS on current server is greater than one you take backup, restoring program uses default value of the added column. When I design this software, I assume user used like that.

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