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Updated Eclipse plugin SDK into 2.1.53

Today, Jan 4 2015, updated the Eclipse based development environment into 2.1.53. The last version was 2.1.51. so it updated 2 versions.

Main update tasks

Currently, I'm testing the Content Management System on this website. The CMS have to be strong at Search Engine Optimization and acquiring customer's access. Especially, it is important to the website of the enterprise and small business.

I'm making 2 application component in the CMS.

  • SEO keyword theme analyser
  • Tracking visitor's mouse motion as eye tracking

Both components are useful to manage the enterprise website. The Alinous Document CMS is making progress to be all-in-one solution for small business owners.

Change in 2.1.52

The changes in the version is to add available parameter for the "LIKE" SQL expression. The array variable is available to the right statement.

Change in 2.1.53

Fixing bug about the LIKE expression in the last version. And updated bundled software.

  • Alinous Document CMS
  • Html5 Project

The update for the Html5 project is updating the standard library.

One for the CMS is added SEO and Eye tracking software.

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