• Alinous-Core IDE and Server's system requirement
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Alinous-Core IDE and Server's system requirement

Today, I've add Alinous-Core IDE and Server's system requirement.

The IDE and Server are both free. You can download it from website. If you want to work Alinous-Core application, I recommend you to setup Alinous-Core IDE at first.

Alinous-Core IDE has embeded web server based on Tomcat. And the debugger is on the server. So the embeded server works debug mode.

You don't have to install Alinous-Server before you finished to make application and deploy into your server.

The  Alinous-Server is release mode. There are no debugger there and work fast.

If you want to deploy it, please select server where the Apache Tomcat is available. Recently most cloud server can run java, and if java is available, tomcat is also available.

So there are a lot of servers where Alinous-Core can work.

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