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Translation project is going on

The Alinous-Core has 7 years history. It grown up in Japan in the process of making enterprise application, named Open-ECommerce(sorry Japanese only).

So there is a lot of documents in Japanese site, but currently re-make the official site.

But every day I'm translating document, now translating getting started and tutorial section.

I made some movies but it cost time to watch them, so I think document is better to know the information structure of learning the Alinous-Core.

Now translating "Tutorial and getting started" section.

This section is very important ! It is because to learn the detail of Alinous-Core, you have to know the outline.

If you understand outline, you can learn stuff ,which is necessary for you, from other detail manual by yourself easily.

I think the manual and introduction movie is one of the important part of this product, especially for programming language.

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