Alinous Document CMS

This software is a Content Management System for online documents. It has very flexible template engine, and you can freely edit the template on the web browser. This software has Html Component based Template design engine. Provides as Open Source Software.

Alinous Document Cms Man Screen

This website is powered by this content management system. This CMS can manage document but also blog with the documents.

Case Study

This website, which is, is created with this CMS. It uses responsive web design. And it explains how to do content based SEO with CMS and Blog.

Usage of CMS

Build a Website with Content Management System

For business owners, especially for small business owners, to have a effective website to collect customers is significantly important thing. The Alinous Document CMS supports such a business owners.

Write Comprehensive Document

The Alinous Document CMS supports Document based website, those are corporate website, document website, and so on. Each page has one theme and the relashionship between pages are collected as tree structure.

Therefore, you have a lot of things to make customers understand, the structure of document pages is important.

In addition to writing online document, you can have blog and keyword tag pages in your website.

Effective Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is essential for the small business owners to collect customers. It can collect customers naturally, and a lot of customers come via search engine.

Build a Blog in a document website

The Document and Blog is different. The Document has relationship between the articles, but the Blog is collection of a single page to write some thing.

Therefore the Document is suitable to make customers understand much information about your product. Otherwise the Blog is suitable to make a page for Search Engine Optimization and Sales Copy.

By using this Content Management System, you can have both contents in your website. You can set up the Blog section in the website flexibly.

Smartphone ready website

Many customers search information using smartphone. So the smartphone page's usability is very important fact to collect customers.

The Alinous Document CMS supports both responsive web design and custom smartphone pages. The default setting is custom smartphone page, because it is easy to manage the template design for beginners.

Feature of CMS function

Content management system, which is called CMS, is to manage contents in the website from web browser. Alinous-Core also has Content Management System , which is suitable for online document

Control all of the contents in the website via web browser

cms template code editor on the web browser

The CMS means the Content Management System. We use this software in order to control all of the contents in the website.

It can not only control all of the contents, but also control the page templates with server side program via web browser.

The Alinous Documet CMS hires the Alinous-Core programming language, The programming language is so simple that you can write, customize, and debug the program with web browser.

Flexible and customizable Template Engine

You can customize the design of content management system very easily. You can soon find the Html ans Css to edit when you change the design into your own website's one.

This software has very flexible template engine. That is because this Content Management System is built by the Alinous-Core Programming Language., which is Domain Specific Language. The Domain Specific Language makes the program very easy, it is because it does not need programming framework.

Get Started and Install

How to install this software. It has default contents and templates. You can make your website by editing them. 

This software works on the dedicated server and container based cloud service.

Set up and Build your own website

After you install and view the administration console of CMS, you have to set up for you own website.

Manual of Content Management System

This section is manual of Alinous Document CMS.

Login Management Console

At first you have to login and open the management console of this system so that you can access many functions of the CMS.

Document Management

This software has powerful document management system to writing document and setup keyword tags and blog contents. You can also setup website setting.

This software has WYSIWYG editor based content editor. Document Management page's Content Editor is following WYSIWYG Editor.

Template Management

This software has powerful Page Template Engine to Edit templates and make your own plugin.

When you write your own template, you can use Script Editor to customize Html, Css and server side logic using database.

Script Editor

Smart Phone Template

The CMS Template Engine supports Smart Phone Template. You can customize the smartphone template easily.

Content Migration

This CMS has function to support content migration. Import contents from other website, or change structure of your website.


System configurations and backup, restore the whole data of this system.

CMS Template Customize Guide

This CMS is very easy to customize the page template. You can customize it from the website. By learning the default templates, you can understand how the CMS works efficiently.

Manual of Access Recorder

Eye tracking and user experience checker software

Alinous Document CMS has a function to log the user's mouse motion and generate heat map from it. By using this function, you can do eye-tracking of user to measure the interest of them for the contents.

By using heat map generated from user action log, you can know summary of user experience. When you check the landing page's content, it is very useful.

Mouse Move Heatmap

Mouse Move Heatmap is used as eye tracking tool. The location of the mouse pointer is almost same with the location where visitors are watching. By using this, you can check where is most interesting point in the website and big picture.

Scroll Heatmap

Scroll Heatmap shows the scroll position where website visitors stay in the landing page. You can check how many visitors read your content till the last of the page.

If visitors bounce before reading all of the landing page, you have to change order of the contents, because visitors leave your page when they can not find information that they want right now. By changing the order of contents, the scroll status will be better.

Manual of SEO Cheker

Check content's theme

Search engine optimization is essential fact to make a website with rich information. By tracking the crawler's access, and information you can get from the web master tools of the Google, you can know how the internal SEO you did works.

Build a web based application

Alinous-Core itself is a website and application building tool using HTML, jQuery and SQL. Therefore you can develop a web application using database rapidly by using the Alinous-Core programming language.

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