Eclipse CMS SDK for Alinous Document CMS

Alinous Document CMS is written in Alinous-Core and Java programming language. And it has Software Development Kit which is provided as the Eclipse Plugin.

Who needs CMS development kit

The CMS has development kit works on the web browser. Therefore you can customize server side program and design of the template parts.

But if you want to extend the CMS template engine itself, you have to customize the source code of this CMS.

Install SDK

The Eclipse SDK for the CMS is same with the Alinous-Core Eclipse Plugin. You can install it in same procedure with Install Eclipse plugin.

Start development of Alinous Document CMS

The the CMS is open source product. The source code is bundled in the Eclipse Plugin. The Eclipse Plugin provides the new wizard to set up source code and debugging environment of the CMS.

In order to start development to extend the CMS, please take a look at following page, and set up the development environment.

Overview of the project's folder mapping

CMS project folder

After you set up the CMS's source code project, the first thing you have to learn, so that make the development process easy is folder mapping of the project.

After learning the folder mapping, you also have to know how to build the Java program in the source code.

Database Scheme

The database scheme of the CMS is written in the install script.

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