Build and run the project

The Alinous Document CMS uses Java program, it is because Java is faster than Alinous-Core and suitable for writing complex program.

When building program is necessary

The Alinous-Core is not necessary to build, but the Java program has to be build. Therefore when you change or add the Java source code, you have to rebuild the Java program.

Build Java program with ant

The Java program can be build with the ant. You can build it from the Eclipse IDE.

Run the build.xml

Left click the "build.xml" and select "Run As", "1 Ant Build", then building process starts.

Execute ant build from eclipse

After building the Java program, please refresh the Eclipse project.

If the Alinous-Core server is running when the building process finished, it automatically detect the change and reload the jar file updated by ant builder.

About build.xml

The source code of the "build.xml" is below.

This program makes "alinouscms.jar" in the "ALINOUS_HOME/lib/" folder.

The Eclipse compiles Java program files into class files, and it output the result into the "bin/" folder. So this build program makes jar file from the class files.

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