Over view of the project's folder mapping

The source code project of the Alinous Document CMS is written in Alinous-Core and Java. Therefore there are Alinous-Core's source folder and Java source folder.

Project Folder

After creating the cms project, following project is there.

CMS project folder

In this folder, there are the all source code and resource files.

Alinous-Core and Java Folder

The CMS consists of Alinous-Core and Java source code. This project is Java project of the Eclipse IDE and it is also has Alinous-Core project's nature.

Alinous-Core Folder

The Alinous-Core's source code is in the "ALINOUS_HOME" folder. This project has the folder as the child folder in it.

alinous-home folder

The main program is written in the Alinous-Core programming language, therefore the main part of the CMS is in this folder.

When you search the entry point to extend the source code, you have to search this folder at first.

Java Folder

The Alinous-Core can execute Java program directly by using JavaConnector. This Content Management System uses Java program partially.

The source code of Java is in the "/src" folder.

Java program's source folder

The build script of the Java program is "/build.xml", which is just under the project folder. To learn more please take a look at following page.

Install script for the database table

The Alinous-Core has a custom to use Install Script so that it makes install process simple and easy. The install script is just a script written in the programming language, and located in the "/ALINOUS_HOME/install/" folder.

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