Template Management Engine

Alinous Document CMS's biggent feature is cms template engine. There are Top Template, Container Template, and Primitive Template.

The usability of the CMS is up to the Template Engine

The usability of the Content Management System is decided by the usability of the Template Engine. The Alinous Document CMS supports to control all of the fact in the Template, those are Html, Style Sheet, and server side program.

The Template Engine contrives to find the part location to customize the design and content to show in the web page. Therefore you can manage the website easily.

Generate Static Html and Dynamic Html

The CMS template of Alinous Document CMS support static Html generation. By generating the static Html, the server can reduce the load when many access comes.

If the content can not be static, it also supports dynamic Html. Therefore the Template engine support both of them.

Smartphone and Desktop template

We can make both desktop templates and smartphone templates. The desktop pc has wide screen, but the smartphone device has narrow screen.

The expert of web design can make responsive web design which support both desktop and smartphone by a single template. But it is difficult to persons who is not expart. Therefore the Alinous Document CMS's template management engine support both of them

Html Component based Template Engine

The CMS Template Engine has following types. It makes handling the page template easy, and reuse of the template part is available.

Top Template

The Top Template is to design the layout of the html layer. It automatically generates Html, css, and Javascript to combine ones of inner templates.

The Top Template has the GUI editor to set the included parts. We can include the Primitive Template and Container Template in the Top Template's design.

Container Template

The Container Template supports two column layout implemented by the div tag. It is used to make Desktop page's template.

The Container Template also has the GUI editor to set the included parts.We can include the Primitive Template and Container Template in the Conteiner  Template's design.

Primitive Template

The Primitive Template is the base part of the website. You can make this template by Html, css, Javascript, and SQL by using Alinous-Core programming language.

The design setting of Primitive Template is based on the Html format.

We can export and import the primitive template by using zip archive file.

Function of the Component based CMS Template

The template of this content management system consists of 3 type of templates.

  • Top Template
  • Container Template
  • Primitive Template

Template Architecture

The Primitive Template is the most basic Html Component,. The Container and Top Template collect the components. 

By knowing the architecture of this CMS, you can edit your website very flexibly.

Top Template

Top CMS Template

The Top template is the top level part, and it means the type of template. You can specify them on the document editor.

Container Template

This template is a layer of the div tags with 2 column layout. you can edit the style sheet and layout of inner components.

Primitive Template

Primitive cms template

Primitive Templates are the most basic Html5 based Component. You can add this component into the both Top and Container templates by the GUI based editor.

The design is based on the Html5. Therefore if you have knowledge of it, you can customize the design of those components freely.

Inline Template

inline template

Inline Template is a template components which are available in the document's content. You can use it with the WYSIWYG editor.

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