CMS Template's Parameter Setting

The parameters for primitive template is available when you make inline template. Those are interface to help communication between Html container and embedded inline Template

Open Parameters Tab

Open the primitive template and click the "Parameters" tab on the tab menu.


Then a tab section to edit the parameters appears. in this section you can view and edit the parameters.

Default parameters

Following parameters are the default parameters.

  • cms_page_id
  • node_id
  • page
  • publish

The value of the parameters are automatically set by the template publishing engine on publish.

Custom Parameters

You can add custom parameters to specify when using WYSIWYG editor. In order to add a custom parameter, input the parameter name and push the "Add Parameter" button.

Then a new parameter is added.

Parameter shown in the Content Editor

The custom parameters you set are shown in the WYSIWYG content editor.

Parameter setting

You can input the value of parameter here, and the are set as value of input parameter for template's server side script on publish.

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