Architecture of Templates

The Alinous Document CMS has 3 types of templates. They are Top Templates, Container Templates, and Primitive Templates.

Template types

Those 3 types of templates cooperates like below.

Template Architecture

The Top Template is the top module. When you specify the template for the content page, you select one of this type.

The Top Template contains Container Templates and Primitive Templates. The Container Template can contain other Container Templates and Primitive Templates.

The Primitive Template can not contain any other template. It is the basic part of the CMS template.

Top Templates

Top Templates are the top module of the templates, and they are managed in the Top Template Management page.

Top CMS Template

The Top Templates consist of Container Templates and Primitive Templates.

Container Templates

Container Template

The Container Templates are parts of the Top Templates. This type of templates are used when you make 2 column or 3 column layout.

Primitive Templates

Primitive Template

The Primitive Templates are the most basic part of the Template Engine. It contains the Html, Style Sheet, Javascript, and server side program. You can edit this template by the Development Enviromnment works on the web browser.

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