Blog Article component

The Primitive Template to show the blog article.


In order to preview the blog article part, open it with Primitive Template editor page, and select the page to preview in the parameter setting dialog.

The appearance of the blog article part is below.

Blog Article part preview

This part is used in following Container Templates and Top Templates.

Design Setting

The design of the footer blog article consists of Html and Style Sheet.


The html code of blog article is below.

This part use microdata which is "". This means the blog posting article.

The div tag with ' itemprop="articleBody"' attribute is marked as the body of the blog post. In the body, there is a h1 tag with 'itemprop="name"' attribute. This attribute is added by the server side program automatically.

And for the blog posting microdata, the posted data is necessary.

Style Sheet

The style sheet for the html above is below.

Server side program

The server side program of the blog article part is below.

The "Microdata.addItemProp()" function inserts 'itemprop="name"' attribute into the h1 tag.

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