Document Management

Alinous Document CMS has function to mange online document contents.

Document Management is necessary to manage website which is not blog. It has tag management system to tagging the document pages. It makes the website's contents easily searchable and strong in the Search Engin Optimization.

Document management is to manage online document website. The structure of the website is different from the blog site.

Build an Online Document

The online document is a base content to make customers who visits your website important information about your product or service. The detailed information tend to be complex, therefore you have to consider the correct order to show the information.

Alinous Document CMS support Tree Document Structure

The Alinous Document CMS is a Conent Management System for online documents and contents to support it. It has function to build tree structured documents.

The structure shows the order to read them to website visitors. And it also shows relation between the concepts.

Keyword Tag page helps learning

The Alinous Document CMS has Keyword Tag function to tag the page. Each Keyword Tag has a page to mention about the topics around the keyword.

Keyword Tags on the Page

The links the pages are added to the document page. You can select which tags are relevant one to the content.

The Keyword Tag also has tree structure. It gives another point of view and helps to learn the concept of your service and product.

Manage Document Contents

Top menu

After logged in, click the "Article and Pages" button. Then the page to manage documents appears.

Manage Document with tree structure

Overview of Document Content Management

In this document page,  the document is managed by tree of the website, and each page has attribute. When you make a blog, tag page and so on, the page attribute is used.

Following page mentions about the document page's overview and architecture.

Create a new Page

You can create pages freely by right click on the document tree.

  • Create a new page
    • Add a new Page
      • Page Code
      • Position
      • Title and Subtitle
      • Page Type
      • Page Template
      • Status
      • File or Directory

Update and Publish a Page

After creating a new page, you have to update the page and make it published. At first, open the page with the content editor and set up the page.

  • Update and Publish a Page
    • How to use content editor
      • Open and Close the detail
      • Open tabs
    • Content Editor's function
      • Edit Contents
      • Resources
      • Tags
      • Additional Code
      • Site Setting

After you set up the page, you can publish the page, and make it open. This CMS uses lazy publish.

  • Publish Contents
    • Publish status of the page
      • Draft Only
      • Published
      • Published + Draft
    • Publish a page
      • Publish Effect range
      • Updated Time

Site and Domain setting

If you want to make full https site, you have to set the domain setting.

Keyword Tag Management

The Alinous Document CMS has Keyword Tag Management system. By tagging the online document's page and blog articled, it become easy for user to search necessary information from the website.

In addition to the usability, that is effective to the search engine optimization.

Content Management and Keywords

The keyword topics pages on the web site is useful to find information similar to content on the current page. In addition to that, this CMS support RSS feed with the keyword tags.

If your website has real time information, you can provide RSS about the keyword.

Do effective Search Engine Optimization

When you make a website and do SEO, you have to make contents to educate search engine's AI. You have to explain the relationship between the keywords by writing text content. The page for Keyword Tag is suitable to write those content.

But the list of the pages which has the keyword tag is duplicated contents. Therefore the list is divided in other pages, and they are marked as "noindex,follow" by the robots meta tag.

Tag is useful for both human and serach engine, and tags are also used to making rss.

keyword tag

Overview of Keyword Tag Management function

You can manage tags by the Tag Management Page, and the Tag has the content page to show the information. It has tree structure, so you can manage keywords of the website usefully.

Create a new Keyword Tag

In order to add a new tag category page, you have to add a new tag. And after adding a new tag, you have to make a page for the tag, and bind the page to the tag.

Support the weak point of the document by blog

The online Document is very useful for the customers who want to learn about your website's information. But before that, you have to catch the customers by attractive catch phrase and content.

The online document is not good at catching the customers. That is the weak point of the online document site.

By the way, the Blog is good at catching the customers. Therefore when you build a website based on the document, you had better also build blog content in your website.

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