Login Management Console

In order to manage your website, login the management console of Alinous Document CMS.

Access login page

At first, you have to access login page. The url of login page is below.

http://[Your Domain]/admin/

After access the url, following page appears.

Login page

If this is the first access to this url, the default password was set. Please input "admin" into the both input form. And push the "Login" button. Then the Management Colsole's top page appears.

Top page of the Management Console

By looking at the top page of management console, you can view the entire function of this Content Management System.

Top page of content management system's console

Change Password

The firtst thing you have to do after login is change password to login.

Click the "Manage uses" button, at the System section, bottom of the top page. Then next page appears.

edit user of content management system

Click the "Edit User" button on the "admin" record, then next page appears.

Change password

In this page, input your password twice and push the "Update User" button. Then the password of the "admin" has been changed.

Please use the password you entered now on the next login.


Push the "Logout" button on the top page of Management Console, or select "System" -> "Logout" on the header menu. Then following page appears.


Push the "Logout" button, then logout is done.

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