Contents based SEO with Content Management System

When you do contents based SEO, then you'll create a lot of pages in a website. but such a situation tend to be penalized by the search engine, even if you create good contents honestly.

That is because the search engine is not a human, just a robot. Therefore we have to optimize website's contents to avoid penalty.

Why Balance is important for SEO

Even if you wrote nice contents which is faithful to the webmaster guide line, the search engine robot assume that your contents are against it. That is because the robot makes decision by statistic data.

If on writing your theme, it is consequently necessary to use same word, the keyword balance is broken. For example, the words like "management", "system" is the ones if we do not take care, we use them too many times.

Therefore you have to avoid that, by checking the keyword balance.

Check the theme similarity

Checking the theme similarity is important in doing contents based SEO. The website which is written by the authority has proper width of themes. The themes have to be relevant, but it must not be almost same.

"One page, one theme" is the basic of SEO writing, and the pages' theme have to be relevant, but not perfectly same. This rule is sometimes very difficult, especially your website has a lot of page.

This Content Management System support tool to analyze theme of the pages and show similarity of them.

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