Web SEO Checker

Web SEO Checker

 Web SEO Checker is application to check web status using Web Master tool of the Google and Access log.

To check the robot crawl correctly and the indexed web pages are analyzed correctly is very important for the web masters.

What to check with this Web SEO Checker

sitemap page analytics

 This application mainly checks 2 factors below.

  • Crawl budget is used correctly
  • After indexed, the pages analyzed correctly

In order to check them, this application uses access log of the http server and csv files available from the Google webmaster tools.

How to use Web SEO Checker

 Web SEO Checker is bundled with Alinous-Core programming lauguage's Eclipse plugin. You can create and run it in the local host very easily.

How to use

This software has functions to import log and csv files and view the data with datatable.

  • How to use  Web SEO Checker
    • What to check
    • Checking the crawl
    • Checking the content's keyword is analyzed
    • Checking the internal link for the page is analyzed
    • Check pages in the sitemap totally
  • Import access log
    • Log format
      • Log format configuration
      • Basic log format
    • import access log
  • Import Content Keywords
    • Download the Content Keywords csv file
    • Import Downloaded csv
    • Select file imported before and check the difference
  • Import internal links
    • Download Internal Links csv
    • Import downloaded file
    • View last version's link

About implementation and source code

 This application software is open source product. Therefore by understanding the implementation, you can customize the application easily.

Import Sitemap and Analyze

 Import sitemap.xml and  check each page. If weak page is detected, you have to optimize the internal link and contents.

Robot Accesslog

 Import access log of your website and check the crawl budget and important page is crawled correctly.

Robot Accesslog Config

 Configure the format to import into this system in order to fit it to your site's access log format.

Content Keywords

 Import csv file from google's web master tools and analyze it.

Import Internal links detected

 Import csv file about the internal links from google's web master tools and analyze it.

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