Import sitemap and analyze

 This function checks the "sitemap.xml" and make summary of the SEO status. By learning how to make this, you can customize your own application to analyze the web master tool's data.

The function of this page

sitemap page analytics

This page has function to import sitemap from internet and alalyze last crawled date, number of keyword detected by search engine, number of internal links detected by searchengine.

Location of Source code

 Source code of this page is in the "[ALINOUS_HOME]/admin/sitemap/" folder.

source code

Import and analyze the "sitemap.xml"

 By inputing text into the text input at the top of the form, and click "Import and analyze" button. This operation starts.

import sitemap.xml

After click the button

 After click the button, the form posts to the "index.html", and source code below executed.

This code calls "uploadSitemap()" function. and the source code is below.

This code calls "Http.access()" and parse the result with "Html.html2Dom()"; In the "handleUrlset()" function, when detected a page location element, it calls "handleUrl()".

In this code, it gathers result of analytics in other page, and insert a record of "wmc_content_keywords_url" table.

Show the data with Datatable

 This page uses datatable. About the basic ussage of it, please take a look at "Datatable jQuery plugin".

Datatable's HTML

 Datatable's html is below.

Datatable data

 The Javascript below activates the Datatable.

Get data of page in the sitemap

 This Datatable get data from "/admin/sitemap/serverData.alns" by using Ajax. The source code of providing the data is below.



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