Change Smartphone Page's Design

You can make pages for smartphone access by using Alinous Document CMS. By using smartphone pages, you can maintain your web design easily.

In this page, mention about how to change the top page's template. Once you understand how to manipulate the template, you can do same thing to other template. And if you understand how to change the template of desktop pages, the operation to change the design is same.

Open the Top Template with the Editor

In order to open the Top Template by the template editor, select the "Top Template" from the top page of the management console.

Top Console of the administration menu

Then the list of Top Templates are shown on the left of the pages.

List of the Top Templates

Click the "Smartphone Top" link to open the template on the right of the page.

Smartphone Top Page's Template

In this page, you can Open and Edit each template parts, the way to edit it is just same with the desktop page's one. Please take a look at Change Template Design.

And in this template, you have to at least edit following template's design with html.

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