Smartphone settings

In order to use smart phone page, you have to set up redirect and template configuration.

There are 2 things to set up.

Webisite Setting

In order to use smartphone redirect, you have to open the document editor and set up website setting. At first, click the "Article and Pages" button and open the document editor.

Article and Pages

After that, double click the top page of your website and open the page, and click "Site setting" tab. Then following page appears.

Domain Setting

In this page, take a look at "Smartphone Setting".

Smartphone setting for website

In this form, input the "Domain Name" and "Source Domain Name" like picture above.

On normal case, the both domain is same with your website's domain. This configuration redirect to the mobile page of your website.

If you want to redirect to other domain, set the "Domain Name" as the destination domain for mobile pages.

Template Setting

Each pages has section to set templates in the document editor's detail section.

content editor's detail section

In the template section, following setting is available.

  • Main Template
  • Secondary Template
  • Root Context

The "Main Template" is PC browser's template, which is you usually set. And the "Secondary" Template is one for smart phone.

The Root Context is directory path element to add to the smartphone path. If the PC page's path is "/alinous/" and the context Root is "mb", then smart phone page's path is "/mb/alinous/".

You can set the template and Root Context for each page, and by using the top page of document editor, you can query the pages and set them at once.

content summary

After query the pages and check the checkbox on the left of record, click the "Change Template" button. Then you can change the Template Setting at once.

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