Database table structure

 Web Access Recorder has install script and it contains ddl to make database table used in this application.

Location of the Install Script

 The isntall script is in the "[ALINOUS_HOME]/install/" folder.

location of install script

The "install.alns" is the main module and it execute other script including ddls.

Source code of each ddl

 The ddls are classified by the functions. The Web Access Recorder has functions below.

  • Web Archive
  • Generate Heat Map
  • Log website visitor's actions

Ddl of Web Archiver

 The ddl of the web archiver is written at "archveddl.alns". The source code is below.

The "archive_page" table store the html of the page, and the "archive_page_items" table store items included in the html. The items are image, css, Javascript and so on.

Ddl of Heatmaps

 The ddl of the Heat map is written at "archveddl.alns" The source code is below.

The Web Access Recorder has 2 type of heat maps. The mouse move heat map and window scroll heat map.

 The mouse move heat map uses

  • hm_user_motion
  • hm_master
  • hm_master_result_image
  • hm_raster
  • hm_raster_line

The window scroll heat map uses

  • hm_scroll_hm
  • hm_scroll_hm_line
  • hm_scroll_reach
  • hm_scroll_result_image

Both heatmap stores the result image into the "hm_raster_line" or "hm_scroll_result_image". Then the image is encoded in the Base64 format.

Ddl of User Action Log

 The ddl of the user action log is written at "archveddl.alns" The source code is below.

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