Replay visitor's actions

 Recorded web visitor's action can be replayed on the web browser. By using this function, you can know how each visitors view your landing page or web page.


Vew the detail of user's experience

 It is very important thing to know how the visitor actually view your web pages. It is because by using heat map, it is difficult to know how each visitor feels.

Log to play user's motion

 The player of website visitor's motion plays the mouse move log, window scroll log and window resizing log. This player replay those actions in a popup wiondow.

 Therefore you can know the visitor how to view your page deeply.

Open Action log player

 In order to access the page of the action player, select "Play Recorded Logs" from the menu.

Website visitor's action analytics menu

The page to select the visitor's accesses appears, then push the play button on the record.

select playing access log

The popup window to play the visitor's experience appears, and start replay it.

visitor's experience player

After the play finished, alert window appears. then push "OK" button, the popup window will be closed.

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