For beginners

This content is for beginners and Web Designers to show how to make your website application using html and database.

If web designers can deal database logic, they can make excellent website by their self.Full stack skill to make a web service has very high value.

By using Alinous-Core, you can be a full stack engineer or web designer.It is because the Alinous-Core is easy programming language and website development tool.

Necessary skill for beginners

 This content is for web development beginner and web designers. And we think you have skill below.

  • Can write html5 code
  • Can write JavaScript a little

If you have knowledge below, you can learn those skill faster.

  • Knowledge about how the database works
  • How the website application works
  • Skill to explain the specification of the application to the programmers

What you have to learn at first

 I think most of you already understand most of the facts about front end technology about website. So, the first thing you have understand is basic one to deal database engine.

By using Alinous-Core, you can deal it very easily, because you don't have to understand complex framework, like other programming language has.

Maybe you feel Alinous-Core is not programming language, but one of a website development tools. Alinous-Core is so easy.

Please take a look at SQL which the Alinous-Core supports.

In this page there are a lot of SQL specification, but you have to learn at first is below.


By learning these SQLs, you can make application like Blog, CMS, and other business application for small enterprise.


 At first, you have to learn "CREATE TABLE" and "DROP TABLE".

If you understand "CREATE TABLE", "DROP TABLE" is very easy, because it only erases a created table. The "CREATE TABLE" is not so difficult, because it just create a table by declaring the columns and the types of it.

Tools to learning it

 Alinous-Core uses the postgreSQL. It has administration tool, which is pgAdmin.

pgAdmin for PostgreSQL

By using this tool you can actually execute SQLs you write.

So at first, install PostgreSQL and launch the pgAdmin.After that, let's try "CREATE TABLE" and "DROP TABLE".


 These SQL are called DML, they are to deal records in the table. You can also try these SQLs with pgAdmin.

After you create tables, let's insert records with INSERT sentence and select them with SELECT sentence, On lerning SELECT sentence, you'll understand WHERE clause, which specify the condition to dfilter the records, you can easily understand UPDATE and DELETE sentence.

After learned basic skill

 After you learned the basic skill to deal database, then let's use and learn the Alinous-Core. The Alinous-Core has some examples to actually run.

I recommend you to run it, with reading tutorial. And please take a look at How to learn Alinous-Core, in this page, how to learn it is written.

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