Alinous-Core IDE Eclipse plugin

The Alinous-Core, which is Lightweight Language, has powerful development tools, which is available as Eclipse Plugin. And it is available from Download page.

The Eclipse Plugin's basic function is to run the server for debugging in the local PC, but not only them, but also has a lot of function below.


This spftware's ide is provided as Eclipse plugin. Eclipse is very useful open source IDE. Installing it is very easy, just download zip or tar.gz archived file and extract it into proper folder.

Eclipse plugin for Alinous-Core programming language provides following functions.

Programming Script Editor support

The Eclipse Plugin provides Editor for Alinous script. The Editor provide Content Assist so that you can learn the standard function very soon.

In addition to standard functions, it supports content assist for the database scheme. It makes development process very rapid.

Language Server with Debugger

The Eclipse Plugin includes embedded server works on the development environment. The server communicate with the debugger so that debugging is available.

Document CMS Project

The Alinous Document CMS is Content Management System written in this programming language. It is a web application, and you can write program code on the web browser, and debug it.

The CMS application is bundled with the Eclipse Plugin so that you can make the project with source code with new project wizard and run it.

Application Example Project by new wizard

Alinous-Core Eclipse plugin has project wizard to create application project. There are following example projects.

Alinous-Core function project

This project is The example web project using functions that generic web application use. The tutorial of the programming language introduce and mention about this project.

Html and jQuery Example project

By learning Html and jQuery project, you can learn many techniques to make web application. We assume you can make blog application after learning this project.

This project includes example of standard jQuery component, but also includes following application parts.

  • Calendar module
  • WYSIWYG Editor module
  • Tree UI and the server side program module
  • Code Editor module

Java Connector Example project (Blank Project)

This software is written in Java, therefore it can load Java Class archived in the jar file. This project is a minimum project using Java Connector.

And this can be a blank project, which you use when you start to develop your own web application project. By using this project, you can develop in both Alinous-Core and Java.

New Project Wizard

 This software has the new project wizard to set up example projects automatically. In order to open the new wizard, right click on the Package Explorer, and select "Project" from the context menu.

Launch new project wizard

 Then the new project wizard appears.

New project wizard

This wizard is used to create a new project those are explained in this website. For example, projects in the contents below.

Alinous-Script Ediotor

 Files ,whose extension is "alns", can be opened by Alinous-Script Editor. This editor supports to write programming code based on Alinous-Core.

Contents assist for functions

 Contents Assist is available in this editor. Contents Assist shows native functions, source functions and extended function.

Contents Assist

The Extended function is one extended by users in Java language.

Show function's information

 By putting the mouse pointer on the function call you write on the editor, it shows the explanation about the function.

Function's information

Contents assist for Database Scheme

 If you write the install script, the editor's contents assist can deal the database scheme.

Content assist for database

In addiditon to contents assist, by putting mouse on the database table, the ddl of the table is shown.

Code Checker

 This Eclipse plugin has code checker for Alinous-Script and Html.


 The editor shows where is the wrong code. And the included file does not exists, then show it by error marker.

Html files

 If the html's tag is wrong or forget to close the tag, the checker shows it by problem marker.

Geenrate Document

 Alinou-Core has function to generate excel files of database design document from the DDL, which is the install script.

xls ddl file

In order to generate the excel file, right-click the install script and select "Out DDL excel file" from the context menu, like picture below.


menu of generate ddl document

The the excel file automatically generated in "[Project]/alidoc/" folder. The name of the excel file is same with the install script's name. The extention of the file is different.

Testing Supports

 The Language Server runs on the Eclipse IDE in debugging mode generates code coverage information in "ALINOUS_HOME/log/coverage/" folder.

code coverage log folder

 The file's format is xml. The path of the file's relational path from "ALINOUS_HOME/log/coverate/" is same with relational path form "ALINOUS_HOME/" of the "*.alns" file.

The coverage file can be opened with text editor.

Code coverage

The software checks the line executed or not. If the "covered" attribute's value is true, the line is executed, and is false, not executed.

You can clear the executed status by erasing these files.

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