Extended HTML Attributes

Extended HTML's information structure

 This section is about HTML file. The Alinous-Core has no extended tags. But there are Alinous-Attributes.

Alinous-Attributes are extended attribute for Alinous-Core. By using them, you can do many things about HTML.

Summary of Extended Html

Alinous-Core is a Domain Specific Language to develop web based application using database.

It also supports Html5, and it is extended by Alinous-Core. There are no extended tags, but it has extended attributes and format to embeding variable to control html rendering. It supports

The Alinous-Core uses extended Html. It has following feature.

Variables made in the script is available in Html

On of the Alinous-Core's biggest feature is that you can embed variables which is made in server side script. If you write SQL in the server side script, you can use it in the Html simply.

Server side validation is available in Html

To validate parameter of the Html form is troublesome work. It is supported by the framework or library, on using other programming language. But Alinous-Core support the validation by the programming language.

Embedding other Html output in Html

Alinous-Core has powerful support for reuse of the Html. In the div or span tag, you can embed other html's output.

Put variable into HTML

 The only extention about HTML is putting variable made in the script.

You can embed variable by surround "{" and "}". If you write the "{" character, please escape with "\".


 Alinous-Attributes are extentsion for HTML file.

Handling Array variables in HTML

 Array variable is most used type of variable.

Array variable

For example, the SELECT sentence of SQL returns the array variable. After create it in the Alinous-Core Script, you can use it in the HTML file.

Define validation in HTML

 When you use input form of the HTML, you can define the server side validation login in the HTML file. You can put validation scheme at the input tag of the HTML.

 When you make server side validation, you also have to consider security. About the security check for illigal access, please take a look at Server side validator example.

Case control

 The Alinous-Script supports "if", but HTML also supports the "if" statement.

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