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Web Developer Resources

 This section is for web-database application developers. Mainly this section support you to prepare design patterns.

Web based Software Design pattern example

jQuery examples

 There is design pattern sample in Alinous-Core eclipse IDE. You can make the example project and learn how to implement the web functions.

And this page contains web based application's component information such as Calendar and Data Table using jQuery.

By learning this contents, you can create enterprise software very easily.

The first step of learning Alinous-Core

 If you are a biginner of Alinous-Core, please take a look at the tutorial. In this page, you can learn the outline of web-database development with movies.

Tree UI program part

Tree User Interface

TreeUI program part is very useful, and you'll have a lot of opportunity to use it on making web based application. Once you understand the program, you can use it in many situation.

Software Test automation

Software test automation

 In order to make enterprise application, software test automation is necessary. If without it, we have to pay huge cost to execute test.

Web Applications

 Alinous-Core has applications for web owners. These products are written in this programming language and the source code is open.

Web SEO checker

Web SEO Checker

Web SEO Checker is a tool to check clawler's access and WebMaster tools' result. By doing it, you can know how the search engine eveluate each page.

Web Access Recorder

Web Access Recorder

 Web Access Recorder is a tool to record actions the visitor does on your web page by JavaScript, and analyze it after record it.

WYSIWYG Content Editor

WYSIWYG Editor on the Page

Alinous-Core Eclipse Plugin bundles the WYSIWYG Content Editor. This program is based on the NicEdit WYSIWYG Content Editor.

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