Create testing project

 After you setup selenium's web driver, you can run the test by making test project with wizard.

The Alinous-Core Eclipse plugin includes new wizard to make testing project.

Install Alinous-Core eclipse plugin

 At first, you have to install the Eclipse and Eclipse plugin. Please take a look at Download and Install Alinous-Core IDE. Alinous-Core is free and you can download it from network installer of Eclipse.

Make testing target project

 This testing project is to test the jQuery example project. In order to setup the project, take a look at Create Project in the Software Design pattern section.

Create testing project with new project wizard

 You can create testing project with new project wizard. Right click on the package explorer, and select "New" -> "Project".

launch wizard

Then the new wizard appears like picture below.

New project wizard

Select the "Html and jQuery Testing Example" and push the "Next" button. The wizard page below appears.

Project name

Input the Project name and push the "Finish" button. Then the testing project is created.

Run the testing

 After you created the testing project, you can run it. Before that, please launch testing target project. You can launch the target project with Alinous-Core Eclipse plugin.

On launching it, please select "Html and jQuery Example". If the project is not there, create it from the new project wizard.

The testing project is using JUnit, so you can run it from Eclipse. open the testing project's source folder, which is "/src/org.alinous.test.html5". And right click the "", select "Run As", "JUnit Test".

Launch JUnit

Testing starts, and done it, Eclipse's JUnit pane reports the result.

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